Beginner’s Guide To Online Psychic Chat

Most people accept that they won’t know when the love of their life will walk through the door, or not knowing if they’re making the right career choice, or if they will have children. But for those who don’t want to go through life constantly questioning and wondering when their questions will be answered, there is another option: psychics.

For some people, it’s hard to resist the urge to picture a mysterious woman in a dark room with a crystal ball, but psychic services are one of the most underused and underrated services in modern time. Cynicism, stereotypes, and the media have all contributed to the common perceptions of psychics.

But if you took one step back and dared to go against common thought, you would realize that there is obviously something there with psychics. They are equipped with a gift to see things no one else can see and when they are great at it, like any savvy business person, they are going to charge. Here, we’ll navigate you through the somewhat uncharted waters of finding legitimate, affordable psychics that are convenient to reach out to.

Why Get a Psychic Reading?


The first part of your journey is figuring out why you need to get a reading done by a psychic in the first place. The root of all questions starts with curiosity. The common reasons to get a reading done by a psychic are to get insight, gain clarity, and discover your true potential.  Not many people take this opportunity to ask any question they want about their future.

What a psychic can tell you about your life can prepare you for what is to come as well as help you to improve yourself, whether that be in your personal life or work life. Another great aspect of choosing to get a reading done by a psychic is that you can go at any time in your life. When you are going through challenges, facing problems, or just need to know what option to choose, a psychic can help you at any point.

What Is Online Psychic Chat?

Living in the digital age comes with numerous advantages. One of those advantages is having the internet at our fingertips. Before the advent of the world wide web, seekers of knowledge had to travel to see psychics, but now, at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen, they are easily accessible to anyone at any time.

An online psychic chat is when people get their readings done online, instead of in person. The reading can be done over a simple chat, over the phone, through email, or through a video call.

kasambaIf you prefer to keep things simple and merely get a reading done over the phone, use With over 17 years in the business under their belt, Kasamba is one of the best online psychic chat services around. With over 30,000 registered advisors, Kasamba can help a diverse group of people on a variety of topics. Kasamba offers phone and chat readings, but will occasionally do email readings.

A great part of their premiere chat platform is that it allows the readers to see what customers are typing as they write it out. This provides customers with a faster, more efficient response.

Kasamba is offers 3 free minutes to new and returning customers. These minutes can go towards any advisor whom the customer has not yet spoken with. If you are fickle about your bank information, PayPal is offered as a viable payment method.

Oranum Review

If you are new to the psychic world, starting off with a free reading would be a great way to go. With over 3,000 advisors who speak a multitude of languages, Oranum is the best source for free live video chat readings.

The unique thing about video chat readings is that it allows the advisor to give palm and face readings. In addition to these type of readings, the advisors also offer tarot readings, destiny card readings, angelic card readings, and many more.

The advisors at Oranum do charge, but rates vary depending on which advisor customers see. Probably the best part of Oranum is that it offers a refund policy that protects customers against fraud. has been around since 2005 and currently has 250 psychics. One awesome aspect about this psychic service is that their psychics have been specifically handpicked and have gone through a strict screening process to ensure that your psychic experience is one of quality and honesty. AskNow has been praised as a trustworthy source with high levels of accuracy in their predictions.

A unique part of this network is that it offers a diverse variety of psychics whom you can choose through a search filter on their website. You are advised to check the profile pages of each psychic when filtering through a search.

AskNow is also one of the few 24/7 psychic sources available online with a satisfaction guarantee on all readings. They offer packages for new customers with rates as low as only $1 a minute.

Reasons to Talk to a Psychic Online Through Chat

Some people would prefer to go to a psychic in person, but to be quite frank, there are a lot of pros to having an online reading done. Chatting online specifically can be quite beneficial overall. The reason for this is because potential customers have more time to do research about various psychics, what they offer, and how much they charge.

Also, choosing to chat online to a psychic gives potential customers a chance to think about their current state of mind and write down any questions they would like to ask the psychic.

Another reason to chat with a psychic online is because they are accessible basically at any time and you will have a response in a reasonable amount of time. Also, if they are a part of a network like Oranum, AskNow, or Kasamba, they have the credibility and the reputation of the network behind them.

Psychic Chat Room Vs. Live Video Chat

Whether or not you choose to get a psychic reading through online resources, various forms of readings are better for different types of people.

Online Chat Rooms

The pros of having an online chat with a psychic are that they are easily accessible, and you have more time to research the psychic. You can also ask in depth questions. A con to having an online chat is that all of the types of readings that are available are not available over simply chatting.


  • Time to research
  • More time for in-depth questions
  • You can keep a record of your conversation to refer to later


  • Limited reading types available

Video Chat Readings

Video chats have the convenience of online chat rooms, but they also allow you to see your psychic or for your psychic to see you. Having your psychic see you when video chatting can be beneficial if you wish to have a tarot card reading or a palm reading. A con to video chatting is that it takes more time.


  • You can see your psychic
  • Your psychic can see you
  • More reading types available
  • Feels like an in-person chat


  • Time-consuming
  • No records to refer to later

Should I Do It?

Getting a reading done by a psychic via the internet requires research and time. If you are curious and would like to know about your future or current situation, you should go ahead and try it.



Beginner’s Guide To Phone Psychic Readings

It is unclear when the first ever psychic reading was delivered, however, it continues to be method that many people look to as a source of enlightenment. A phone psychic reading is a method for individuals to receive clarity in regards to their relationships, financial situations and careers without the inconvenience of meeting with a reader face to face.

There are numerous geographical and personal obstacles that an individual must overcome in order to receive a reading face to face. These obstacles can be in the form of travel expenses as well as scheduling conflicts.  In addition to these challenges, an individual runs the risk of receiving a cold reading from an impersonator.

Phone psychic readings defer the psychic from developing pre-conceived ideas about an individual’s situation based off their body language, appearance, whether they wear a wedding band or not, and even the type of vehicle they drive. Instead, over the phone readers must rely on their ability to connect to an individual’s energy, the vibrations in their voice as well as focus on their spirit to deliver a clear reading.

Top 3 Phone Psychic Networks

There is skepticism involved when an individual chooses to receive a reading. To help an individual get the most accurate reading, we have compiled the best phone psychic networks.


asknowSince 2004, has been connecting individuals with the most-qualified readers across the country. Their gifted advisors can be contacted via online chat or phone at any time of day to deliver readings on love, dating, careers or other aspects of an individual’s life.

The user-friendly website is easy to navigate, encouraging their consumers to choose an advisor from the home page listing. Their consumers also have the option to click on the “Psychics” tab, which allows them to choose an advisor based on type, categories, or even price.

The experts at are committed to their client’s satisfaction. If a client is not completely satisfied, the client is encouraged to immediately contact customer service. The helpful staff will then credit their account up to 5 minutes, this allows them to receive a reading from a different advisor.

Psychic Source

psychic sourceNot only is the oldest service available, but their authenticity has earned them respect from their clients and competitors. The company has developed a rigorous screening process to ensure their clients are receiving the best readings possible.

The company understands the difficulty of employing advisors that uphold their level of ethics and professionalism, especially with the skepticism surrounding the industry. Despite the skepticism, they are committed to creating a memorable experience for their clients based on their satisfaction. The user-friendly website allows individuals to browse through their advisor’s profiles, pricing, as well as seek an advisor who is bilingual.

Keen logoThere are a number of contributing factors that make it difficult for an individual to choose a psychic hotline. Those who are seeking an advisor for the first time are encouraged to check out the experts at The user-friendly website is ideal for those who have their doubts, as it provides them with extensive background knowledge on the practice. also focuses on providing first-time seekers with the different ways they can receive readings, which include over the phone and online chats. Once an individual has everything they need to know, they can apply their knowledge into choosing an advisor. All of their advisors aim to deliver the best reading possible.

How to Prepare for Your Phone Psychic Reading

phone reading

It can be exhilarating to receive a psychic reading on a whim, however, the value of the reading comes through when an individual is prepared. Individuals are encouraged to prepare questions they would like answered in prior to the reading.

Individuals can go in asking for a general reading, but they will benefit from asking specific questions. For example, individuals may take a moment and reflect on aspects of their lift that raise concern or aspects of the future that makes them anxious.

The reader will pick up on this energy and deliver an accurate reading in regards to an individual’s concerns. If not, it can be difficult for the reader to connect the pieces of information in a general reading if a client’s energy is directing toward something else. Writing down a couple open-ended questions will direct the reading in the direction the client wants to go.

In addition to having questions prepared, individuals are encouraged to re-center their attention. It can be difficult in a fast-paced environment between their personal life and career, but by focusing their attention, it allows for the psychic reader to see beyond the energetic clutter and receive the message that is intended solely for the client.

This is best accomplished when the client is mentally present in the moment. To reach this inner serenity, individuals are encouraged to find a quiet place. This quiet place can be in the home, the car or a park bench as long as they can take a moment to clear their mind free of distractions or interruptions.

For those who have decided on receiving a reading by phone psychic, we recommend having access to a paper and pen to take notes. The key is to take detailed notes of things that resonate or that do not make sense as they could fall into place later. Above all, it is imperative to remember that this is your psychic reading, and you will get the most out of it when you are physical, mentally and spiritually present.

Questions You Can Ask Your Reader


If you are going into a psychic reading for the first time, it is important to be mindful that different people have different needs. If an individual is anxious, it is beneficial for them to take a moment to center themselves.

Taking a deep inhale and releasing a soft exhale will allow them to set up their intention for receiving a reading. Centering helps almost everyone, but if you are still feeling anxious about where to begin, we have compiled an extensive list of questions to get you started on your spiritual journey with a psychic reader.

Questions you can ask your reader about love:

  • Is there any new information the universe wants me to know about my love life?
  • What can I do to find true love?
  • What can the spirits tell me about my partner? My relationship?
  • I need guidance. What can the divine tell me about healing my relationship?
  • How can I follow my heart and achieve my highest good? Is it possible?
  • What guidance can I expect from the spirit guides?

Questions you can ask your reader about family:

  • What insights would the universe want me to know about my family?
  • What can I do to find a lasting harmony at home?
  • What can the spirit guides tell me about the desires and needs of my family?
  • How can I heal the divide in my home?
  • How can I achieve the highest good for my family? Will I ever be able to achieve the highest good?

Questions you can ask your reader about your career:

  • What insights would the universe want me to know about my career progression and finances?
  • How can I find a meaningful job?
  • What can the divine sources tell me about my coworkers? Environment? Current job?
  • How can I get promoted?
  • I need guidance. What can the divine tell me about healing my job situation?
  • How can I achieve the highest good in my career and finances? Will I ever be able to achieve the highest good?

The intent of these questions is to help individuals center their attention and focus on what they would like to know. These questions can be generalized or specified to cater to an individual’s needs.

Psychic Hotline versus a Face-to-Face Reading

psychic reader

An individual’s preference will vary from a psychic hotline or a face-to-face reading. The advantage of receiving a remote reading is they can take place on your schedule whether you are out of town or out of the country, and there will always be a psychic available when the whim strikes you.

An additional advantage of receiving a reading from a psychic hotline is that they keep you anonymous. There is a lot of skepticism surrounding readings, and an individual may feel comfortable clearing their mind and re-centering their attention if the reading is anonymous.

A psychic hotline is ideal for those who cannot meet with a reader in person due to geographical and personal complications. Also, over the phone, readings eliminate the risk of receiving a cold reading from an impersonator. It is easy for a faux reader to manipulate an individual’s body language, apparel, and facial expressions and deliver a message to the individual that the reader believes they want to hear.

With that being said, a psychic hotline may make the experience impersonal for some. This is a minor downside considering the benefits. Ultimately, experiences will vary depending on an individual’s preferences.


What Questions Should You Ask During A Psychic Reading?

When it comes to psychic readings, there is an endless pool of questions to pull from and ask of the person guiding you. Psychics don’t typically offer information that is specific and life-altering, but rather slower and more open-ended approaches that ease you into making the changes you need to make, or better understanding certain aspects of your life.

When you call or meet with a psychic, it’s important to know what kind of things about your life you want to address, and ask for help on. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask a psychic during your meet or conversation with them.

Separating some of the topics from one another, we’re including questions to ask regarding love, life, work, family, and friends. These questions can be asked separately or in relation to one another in a reading, and you don’t have to stick to these questions only. Let this serve as a template to guide you so that you can get the most out of your psychic reading.

How to Ask the Right Question


One of the most helpful tips to prepare for a psychic reading is to prepare a written list of the questions you intend to ask. It can be kind of intimidating, thinking of the perfect questions to ask, but there are a few guidelines that might help you choose the most effective ones.

Be sure to prepare open-ended questions, rather than yes or no questions. It makes for a more interpretative and sound reading between you and your psychic. Asking yes or no questions leaves no room for you to understand your past, present, and future, and how they all relate to one another. It’s also difficult for psychics to state with perfect ease, or accuracy “yes” or “no” in regards to a question that you might be posing.

By keeping your questions open-ended, you can more easily acknowledge that you have the power to change your life, and it is not all set in stone waiting to happen to you all at once. Focus on the journey, rather than the end goal, and let your questions help guide you through any concerns you may have relating to your life or others’.

Questions About Love and Relationships

love and relationships

Questions about love and relationships are typically the most sought-after answers in psychic readings. People always want to know if they’ll find love, if the love they have is real, or the truth behind long-term questions regarding their love and family lives. Some questions to ask about love and relationships might include:

  • What can I do if I’m attracted to a person who might not be attracted to me?
  • Are things serious between us?
  • Is the world trying to tell me something new about my love life?
  • Where does my relationship with my current partner stand?
  • I need guidance to heal my current relationship. What should I do?
  • Can you show me the best path to love?
  • Can the divine show me the best way to follow my heart?

Questions About Your Career


Questions regarding careers and financial obligations are also extremely common in psychic readings, because everyone has a job and has to pay expenses in some kind of way. In some instances, your career and financial situation might be blooming and comforting you as time goes on, and in some cases, it can be the heaviest burden on your life.

By asking some of the right questions, you might get a better hold of your status in your career and its relationship to your finances. Some questions to consider would be:

  • What does the universe want me to know about my career and finances?
  • How can I find a job that is meaningful to my life and to me?
  • Am I on the right path with my current job and work environment?
  • Is there anything I can do to get promoted?
  • How can I strengthen my relationships with my coworkers?
  • I need guidance in healing my job situation, and my relationship with my work.
  • What kind of career am I best suited for?

In regards to finances, to be more specific with the monetary aspect of your career, some guiding questions to ask could include:

  • Am I using my money in the best way possible?
  • Could I improve the way that I manage my money?
  • Is there something that I should change in regards to how I make my money, or what it is I do with it?
  • How can I best create a successful life for myself?

Questions About Your Life’s Purpose

life purpose

Questions regarding life and its purpose, specifically yours, can touch on a lot of topics, and can often pull together some of the questions you pose regarding love, work, money, family, or friends. In many cases, this topic is a summation of all other topics that you can touch on throughout a psychic reading.

While this topic can be very broad, there are a few key questions that you can ask to lead into a conversation on your life and its purpose in this world. Maybe you’ll even think of a few more questions on the spot as you and your psychic are discussing the questions listed below:

  • Do I need guidance to heal my home space? What can the divine tell me with regards to creating a loving and healing space?
  • How can I best use my talents to help myself and help others?
  • If I feel passionately about something, is there a way that I can best utilize my passion to help others?
  • How do I achieve tranquility and balance in my life?
  • Can the divine shed some light on what I’ve come into this life to teach and to learn?

Your psychic reading is supposed to be an insightful, guiding experience that sheds light on some of the questions you have regarding your past, present, and future, and how they all relate with one another. By asking the right questions, you can leave your reading feeling more confident and secure in the decisions you’re making or will make.


The Best Love Psychics – Get Expert Advice on Love and Relationships

A love psychic reading, as you may have guessed, helps people discern what course of action they should take in their lives regarding love. They general involve speaking to a love psychic who shares insights with you about what they see in the future of your love life. Love psychics may use a variety of techniques to aid their clients including tarot card, numerology, or zodiac signs to aid in their readings.

Regardless of where you are currently in your love life, the best love psychics can open up new doors that you thought were closed and help you toward the fulfilling the love life that you want and deserve. They can help you answer any burning questions you may have and stop you from making terrible mistakes. Their guidance can be invaluable, but only if you can trust it.

Below will be discussed some the best love psychics websites. Read these reviews in order to discover which psychic network may be the best fit for you.

Our Top Picks For The Best Love Psychic Readings


asknowAskNow is undoubtedly the best of the best love psychics websites. They allow potential clients to browse through available psychics and search readers by:

  • Reading type (online chat or phone reading)
  • Price
  • Specialty (love, tarot, past life, etc…)

The psychics also have profiles that allow clients to see how much experience they have, what zodiac sign they are, what languages they speak, and what credentials they have. This gives potential customers a great idea of what they will be getting if they employ a specific psychic’s services.

Their website offers a free daily horoscope that many people may find very helpful. They also feature a satisfaction guarantee that allows clients free time to find a new psychic if they are not satisfied with the one they are currently talking to. They offer special introductory packages for new customers that are quite affordable if psychic readings are something you just want to try out.

Click Here To Visit The Web Site

#2 Psychic Source

psychic sourcePsychic Source takes an optimistic approach to love psychic readings. They feature dedicated customer care specialists and they even have a Kindness Initiative that gives back to communities in need. Their psychics are available to communicate in multiple ways in an effort to make all clients communicate in whatever way makes them feel the most comfortable:

  • Chat
  • Phone call
  • Video chat

They have psychics who specialize in love psychic readings, and they suggest that they could be even more helpful than a marriage counselor if you are struggling in your relationship. However, they also can strengthen a bond even if nothing is overtly wrong.

Their prices are very reasonable starting at as little as $1/minute. You can even save 25% on new advisors. Their website makes it easy to search through available psychics and contact them.

Click Here To Visit Psychic Source Web Site


kasambaKasamba works a little differently than a lot of online love psychic reading sites in that they have advisors that specialize in very specific aspects of love. The fees tend to be a little more expensive, but there are still some psychics that charge as little as a couple dollars per minute.

Their offerings are a little more comprehensive and include dream analysis, fortune telling, and tarot reading in addition to love and relationship advice.

The sign-up process is uncomplicated, and it allows you to pay with either credit card or through PayPal in order to make it as convenient as possible. In addition to live chatting or calling with psychics, you can also email questions to them and they will provide an in-depth response at an agreed-upon price within 24-hours.

Click Here To Visit Kasamba Web Site

#4 logoKeen features a sleek website that is clean and inviting. Their advisors have varying levels of experience that can be seen from their profiles that clients can filter through:

  • By rating
  • By price
  • Psychic experience
  • Number of readings performed

Clients can also see how long the psychic has been working and how many readings they have done so they can gauge their level of experience. The site also features an article section where people can learn from the experiences of others and maybe even answer some questions of their own. It includes free horoscope readings too.

It is a love psychic reading website that isn’t too drastically different from many others, but it does have a special offer of your first three minutes being free so that you can discover if you have a connection with your advisor or not.

#5 Oranum

Oranum features a very large community of psychics who speak eight different languages. There seems to be the most diverse assortment of psychics available from Oranum. All psychics have a rating and one or more areas of expertise that you can search through to find a good fit. However, it is difficult to much information other than that about the psychics before engaging in conversation with them.

The webpage operates on a credit system. The webpage is not as easy to navigate as the other top psychic websites, and there is no place to find general information or prices. The selection may be extraordinary, but if you want to know what you are getting yourself into before jumping, you will have to do some extra research to use Oranum’s services.

Reasons to Get a Love Reading

A love psychic reading can do immense amounts of good in a person’s life. It can help you to know you are heading down the right path. It can help you through a difficult time in your life. It can even give you the confidence to live your daily life more fully.

In any situation, it can be incredibly helpful to just talk to someone else about it. Keeping everything in your own head isn’t healthy. Psychics help you to decipher your own thoughts while also giving you insights as to what the universe has in store for you.

If you are feeling lost or confused, a psychic reading may be just what you need to get back on the path toward a happy and fulfilled life. Psychics will help you figure out what you really want and what will really make you happy.

What Questions Can You Ask During a Psychic Reading?

Any question is fair game, but certain questions may allow your psychic to help you more than others. Avoid questions with yes or no answers. They are too simple and don’t allow your psychic to reveal as much as they could. Open-ended questions allow your advisor to elaborate much more and will give you a much more thought-provoking answer.

Questions that begin with “show me” give your psychic a clear idea of what you want to know. That way they have a direct idea of what they could tell you that will be of the most help to you.

Questions phrased in a manner that ask, “what does the world want me to know,” give your psychic more control over what information you need to know at this point. It also gives your psychic a chance to tell you what they see in store for you in the future.

Very specific questions regarding timelines are less useful questions because the future is not cemented in stone, and you may still do something that can change it. It is more productive to ask how you can affect your love life, such as “how can I attract Mr. Right?” rather than “when will I find my soulmate?”.

Focusing the questions more on yourself than your partner or potential partner will tend to be more accurate because it is nearly impossible for psychics to know the thoughts and feelings of someone they aren’t talking to.

These are simply just guidelines. Any burning question that you have you shouldn’t hesitate to ask a psychic. Speaking to them should be a cathartic experience that makes you feel better about your current situation. Don’t hold back questions if you truly think you need the answers in order to improve your life. Psychics are there to help and they can only do so if they know what is bothering you.


Ask A Psychic One FREE Question (Special Offer)

Being able to ask a genuine psychic one free question is an opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. Will you ever find true love?  Should you make a career change?  What is your life’s purpose?  Ask a legitimate psychic one free question by calling the phone number below or filling out the form.

(888) 577-8827

Why Get a Psychic Reading?

There are a number of reasons why you might want a psychic reading. Some common reasons that people seek consultation from psychics include:

  • To reach out to someone who has passed away
  • Career-related questions
  • Financial consultation
  • Looking for love or relationship advice
  • Health concerns
  • Familial guidance

While these are only a few of the most common reasons that people reach out to psychics, there are plenty of other ways that psychics can help you to address the most pressing questions in your life.

Psychics provide simple insights and wisdom to the questions their clients pose. They don’t often surprise clients with life altering news or information, but rather offer a fresh perspective on situations, exploring them with the client, describing options, and helping people take their best course of action.

Special Offer from – Ask a Psychic 1 Free Question is now offering the answers that you seek with a special offer to call (888) 577-8827, and ask a psychic one question—free! By calling this number, you will be connected with a trusted, professional psychic, and have the opportunity to ask one question that has been on your mind recently, free of charge.

Their psychics offer full reading services, and an extensive knowledge of life insights, for a low cost, so this is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door of your own future.

If you have a question that you’ve been dying to know the answer to, or an issue that you’ve been wanting to work out, call the number to consult with one of their psychics, and get the answers you deserve while the offer still stands.

What Question Should You Ask?

There are a number of topics you can touch on during a psychic reading, and with one free question, it can be difficult to choose which question out of all of the hundreds to go forward with and ask. To make it a little easier, we’ve broken up different topics you could touch on, with some example questions from a few topics.

The most common area that people tend to ask questions on is love life. It’s always a curiosity if we’re going to find and settle down with the loves of our lives, or if the relationships that we already hold are healthy and going to last. Some love life questions to ask could be:

  • Is there something specific in my love life that you can see?
  • Will I ever get married?
  • Will I ever have children?
  • Is my current relationship going to last?
  • Will I find my soul mate? / How can I find my soul mate?

Many people also ask questions related to their field of work, or their financial situations. Some starter questions related to this topic can include:

  • Should I go after that new job?
  • Am I going to succeed in my job?

Some other general questions to ask during your consultation could be:

  • How can I heal from a difficult time?
  • Are there any big changes in my future?
  • How can I help my friend who is struggling?

No matter what question you decide upon, it’s completely free. So call today, and ask away!

(888) 577-8827


Beginner’s Guide To Clairvoyance – The Ability To See The Future

Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive things or actions in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. It literally means “clear seeing.” Usually the visions are subtle and are seen through the mind’s eye. It is said that it can be so subtle as to make it seem made up. These abilities can show up anytime in life and are often known as a ‘sixth sense.’


Sign of Clairvoyance

There are many signs that point to a clairvoyant ability. Here are some of them.

  • Mental images flash “before your eyes”
  • Flashes of color, symbols, numbers, or images might be seen
  • It is easy to visualize places and people
  • Sometimes it seems as though a movie or picture is playing through the mind

Visual Psychic Flashes

Sometimes part of clairvoyance can be seeing flashes of light. These flashes of light are spirit guides. During these psychic flashes, this is what can occur.

  • Floating spheres of color in the air
  • Movement or blinking lights in the corner of the eye
  • Shadows that seem to be floating
  • A glowing light that is around others (known as an aura)
  • Dazzling or flashing lights floating around the air

Other Signs of Clairvoyance

Another tell-tale sign that points to clairvoyance is daydreaming or being able to see how things are supposed to work correctly in the mind’s eye. This ability to see the correct order and flow of things can manifest in many forms. For instance, clairvoyants often have a great sense of direction; it’s as if there is a built in GPS in the brain.

Along with this sense of direction, clairvoyants often have great visual spatial skills. Completing a puzzle or a maze is easy. Frequently, the careers chosen by a psychic clairvoyant is something in the visual field, like an interior designer or photographer or landscaper.

Clairvoyant abilities make it easy for the gifted person to have things easily planned out in the mind. The mind is already making a map for what needs to be completed, before anything is put down on paper.

How To Develop Clairvoyance

developing clairvoyance

Improving one’s clairvoyance is like honing in on any another skill that is learned. Practice is the key. There are three main things that need to be followed when tapping into this skill. Visualizing what you want, meditating, and opening up to the third-eye chakra are all important tasks in practicing clairvoyance.

Visualization Practice

The third eye chakra is located just above the eyebrows, and this is where clairvoyants can see, or visualize pictures, visions and symbols. Practice visualizing certain things, like walking through a castle in England, or laying on the beach in Maui, or rocking out to a concert. This will open up the third eye chakra. Then start visualizing flowers and numbers.

The eyes must be closed for this practice, and focusing is the key. Focus on the number one and hold it in the mind for ten seconds, then move on to number two, and so on. Do this all the way until number ten. If it is difficult to do this, get creative and make the number on a piece of paper and decorate it, and then stare at the picture for thirty seconds.

Clairvoyant Games

Playing memory is an excellent way to begin to see things clearly. Visualize each card as it is turned over. This will open up the chakra. Another good game is placing ten items on a table, and then visualizing them, what they look like, where they are, what they feel like. Then write down, in great detail, what is remembered about the objects.

Zener Cards are another great tool in refining clairvoyant skills. These cards have symbols on them such as stars or wavy lines. With a partner, pick a card and focus on the symbols. Then, telepathically send those images to the other person.

Using Crystals

Crystals are a wonderful way to open up the third eye chakra. Lay them around while mediating or put them near the forehead when sleeping. Carrying crystals in your pocket will also be a reminder of the intention to hone in on and pay attention to the clairvoyant skills that are being practiced. Lapis lazuli and quartz are well known crystals that open the third eye chakra.

Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal is crucial when practicing clairvoyance. Oftentimes, clairvoyants have very vivid dreams. When dreaming, the subconscious takes over, and spirit guides are allowed in. This is a time when loved ones can communicate through the spirit world.

Record dreams directly upon awakening. Soon, patterns will emerge that will become meaningful. This may even spur memories of a past life.

Get Guidance through Dreams

Once an intention has been set to accept guidance from the spirit world, loved ones will provide direction. These spirits often know what is best for the mind and soul. Ask that these spirits send messages through dreams, through clairvoyance, then immediately write the messages down.


Meditation clears the mind and is crucial to fine-tuning psychic skills. Meditation also raises vibrations and moves the clairvoyant out of the logical mind. This will open up the third eye chakra as well.

The key to meditation is getting in a comfortable position, closing the eyes, and getting settled into the body by taking deep breaths. Once in this place, visualize a loved one in the mind’s eye, imagining in as much detail as possible.

Another variation on this is setting clairvoyant intentions and focusing on the third eye chakra. Imagine the chakra as a vivid purple that is spinning. This will signify its opening.

Ask for Signs

Ask spirit guides frequently for signs. Spirit guides will be happy to move the clairvoyant in the right direction, and instill a sense of reassurance for the gifts being given. Always trust in what the spirits are saying and where they are guiding the clairvoyant to go.

Trust the Spirit Guides

Sometimes messages from the spirit world may seem weird. The spirits will always give the right message that is intended for the right person. Many times, messages are sent as symbols or metaphors. Keep moving in the direction that is given and all will be well.

Ask Spirit Guides for Clarification

Interpreting messages from the spirit world takes practice, especially when those messages are sent metaphorically or symbolically. Be sure when sharing these new-found gifts that you share wisely. It is best to hone skills before sharing them with the world.


Journaling experiences taught by spirit guides are a great way to begin trusting in the abilities that are being opened up. Write down every message and answer given because this will help in times of doubt. This will show facts, not just ideas in the mind.

Raising the Vibration

In order to receive messages, a high vibration is needed. Do more of the things that involve happiness and repel negativity. This high vibration will make for a clearer clairvoyant channel. Practice makes perfect, and the clearer all of this becomes, the clearer the messages will be.


The Beginner’s Guide To Psychic Hotlines – Are They Real or Scams?

There are customer service hotlines for a variety of products, and then there are psychic hotlines. Psychic hotlines are a great alternative for those who wish to seek a reading but cannot meet face to face due to geographic or personal complications.

A psychic hotline lets the seeker call in to receive a reading. A reading conducted over the phone is similar to receiving a reading face to face. The advantage is that most individuals feel at ease receiving a reading from the comfort of the home or a place of solitude.

For those considering a reading over the phone, readers will encourage you to take notes. In addition to note taking, it helps to set an intention. These intentions include what you expect out of the reading and prepping the questions you will ask.

fortune teller

Reasons to Call a Psychic Hotline

There are distinct advantages to calling a psychic hotline compared to an in-person reading:

  • Better Accuracy: A reading over the phone is just as accurate, if not more, than a reading an individual receives face to face. In addition to the accuracy, readings conducted over the phone save an individual on expenses such as time, travel and gas.
  • More Relaxing Atmosphere: An additional advantage includes relaxation. A reader picks up on the energy of their client. When an individual comes to a reading anxious, the reader can have a difficult time delivering a clear and accurate reading. In most cases, individuals can ease that anxiety by receiving a reading in their home or any place of solitude.
  • More Genuine Readings: Readers over the phone are encouraged to connect with an individual’s higher self and receive the information from a direct psychic energy. Face to face encounters allows for impersonators to feed off an individual’s apparel and body language to deliver a cold reading.

Readings can be altered in a face to face encounter, even if an individual is meeting with a genuine reader. This is because their brains are working with their psychic information as well as integrating environmental factors.

These factors include physical appearance, apparel and much more, which then allows the reader to categorize individuals based on their past experiences. Intentionally or not, a reader’s brain is actively registering their client’s body language and facial expression.

However, it all comes down to an individual’s preference. There are clients who are comfortable with their psychic reading them whereas others prefer to eliminate factors that contribute to a cold reading, which leads them to choose readings by a psychic hotline.

Types of Readings You Can Receive from a Hotline

  • Fortune Telling: There tends to be a growing misconception of fortune telling across mainstream media. Fortune telling is the practice of scrying, or “seeing”, information about forthcoming events in an individual’s life, which may or may not include a crystal ball. Some readers have a sense of humor.

Fortune telling is identical with the practice of divination. However, divination is a term used to make predictions associated with a religious ritual, invoking deities, angels, or spirits, whereas fortune telling associates the same principle in a less formal setting.

Fortune telling can be conducted using various tools across the Americas and Europe. These common tools include crystal balls, spirit board readings, angel cards, runes, pendulum reading, and much more.

It can also be done by reading tea leaves in a cup, which is tasseography, or with cards, cartomancy. Thanks to mainstream media, individuals are familiar with crystallomancy, which is reading of a crystal sphere, and chiromancy, which is reading of the palms.

  • Love Readings: As the name indicates, psychic love readings focus on love. To be specific, these readers aim to explore and understand all the aspects of an individual’s love life. These aspects include what they need, what they are not getting, as well as how to make a change happen.

A psychic love reading will evaluate an individual and their partner’s past and present. They also go deep and explore an individual’s tendency to sabotage, commitment to catastrophes, or emotional pitfalls.

They also aim to help individuals turn their love life from bust to bliss. There are many approaches to a psychic love reading that will vary from an individual to the reader of their choosing.

Readers use their gifts of clairvoyance, tarot card reading, or other divination tools to give their clients the most accurate reading they can deliver.

  • Tarot Readings: Individuals might associate tarot reading with a woman sitting in a corner of a candlelit room, foretelling an impending doom. This visual can be accredited to stereotypes that continue to flourish across mainstream media.

As a matter of fact, tarot cards are not intended to predict an individual’s future or fortune, they are meant to aid the incoming contact with an individual’s higher self. There are two types of tarot readings: question and open readings.

  • Questions readings allow individuals to address a specific question. These questions are not to intend to answer yes or no question but instead to be interpreted as a guide in upcoming decisions an individual will face.
  • Open readings address larger aspects of an individual’s life that correlate when an individual is entering a new phase of their life. These phases include getting married, graduating, or starting a family of their own.

Individuals have the chance to redirect the reading if they choose to focus on a certain aspect of their life such as health or career.

  • Astrological Readings: Astrological readings focus on how heavenly bodies such as the stars, moons, and planets influence an individual’s life. There are different forms of astrology.

Individuals are most often familiar with Zodiac signs that are used in sun-sign astrology. There are more complex astrological readings that additionally factor into account to deliver an accurate reading to an individual.

The Best Psychic Hotline

For individuals seeking to receive the benefits of a psychic reading, the recommended source is allows their clients to chat with the nation’s most talented network psychics over the phone or online, 24/7. Individuals can receive accurate readings on love, money, career or other aspects of their life. has been helping their clients receive insight or resolve problems in numerous aspects in their life since 2004. Each reader is thoroughly screened for their accuracy, skills, and commitment to others.  All conversations are confidential.

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