Biggest Mistakes When Seeking a Psychic

Not every psychic who proclaims they are psychic is the real deal. Just as in any other profession, it’ll benefit you to take some time to do your homework on potentials so that you’re not wasting your hard-earned money. There are plenty of ads out there that have false claims. Some say they’ve done readings for professional athletes or superstars, but it’s not really true. They do this so that they can charge a hefty price for a reading, as if doing a reading for a famous person makes them more valuable.

  1. Believing everything you read

2775934418_01b13724b4_zThe first tip when seeking a psychic is don’t believe everything you read. Marketing is meant to get people to feel a certain way and make a purchase. Bet and believe many sales pitches are nothing more than hype. Most people going to a psychic are struggling with something. They may be vulnerable and need some real assistance with a life issue. If this sounds like you, you may be tempted to read about a psychic and believe every word without checking into them, but don’t. Do the research. Ask for real feedback. Check the internet for psychic reviews to see what’s being said about that psychic. Then, make an educated decision.

  1. Believing that psychics are God

A psychic is not God. He/she does not have all the answers and he really should not be influencing you any which way when it comes to decision making. He can access your energy field and support you to make the best choice for you. If you’re seeking a psychic to get specific details about what you should do, you may walk away disappointed. Also, if a psychic begins to tell you that this will happen and that will happen and scares the heck out of you, that’s not what a true psychic does. You shouldn’t have to walk out fearing your life or a loved one’s life.  If this is the case, walk away and dust off your feet when you leave. They’re not reading in a right way.

  1. Being afraid to say that they are wrong

If you see a psychic and they begin telling you things that simply aren’t true for you, don’t be afraid to speak up and say “That’s not true”. It’s alright to be honest and they need to know that they’re off. Either they’re having an off day or they’re truly not tapping into other dimensions to do the work of a psychic. Stand your ground in an honorable way.

  1. Answering a lot of questions

If you get there and there are ton of questions, it’s not a good sign. A real psychic will be able to access some information about you or your relatives without having to ask you a lot of questions. If you feel bombarded with questions, politely state that you feel uncomfortable and ask them to refrain from doing so.

If you’re new to psychics, keep in mind that you’ll learn along the way. Take some time to read up on psychics and how they assist people. If you feel you’ve made a mistake, let it go and move on. If you have questions, ask a friend that is familiar with psychic readings. It’s alright to be inquisitive and remain open hearted when it comes to readings. Life is full of opportunities to learn valuable lessons, so go ahead and learn as many as you can!



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