How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is quite important when it comes to intuition and psychic abilities. When you think about a physical eye, you can open and close it without much effort. You can close your eyes and open them at will. When it comes to the third eye chakra, or spiritual eyes, you can learn to open and close this type of eye as well with some practice.

12835901743_bda2446d7e_zEveryone has some psychic ability, though there are certainly some people who have cultivated their psychic abilities fantastically. Whereas you may have a little bit of intuition, a seasoned and gifted psychic may have 100 times more intuition, which is why we go to psychics sometimes to get some good information and clarity. But can you learn to open your third eye chakra? Absolutely, and it’s not as difficult as you think.

Here are three easy things you can to do open your third eye chakra:

  1. Take some time to meditate

You must take some quiet time to get centered and quiet. Find a place that is super quiet and be sure to turn off your phone and other electrical equipment. You don’t want anyone or anything to disturb you. Now, sit or lie down and get comfortable. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths and concentrate on your inhale and exhale. If a thought comes to mind, observe it for a moment and send it along, letting it know now is not the time you want to engage with thoughts. You’re aiming for a quiet mind, a relaxed state of being, and focus on the breath.

  1. Now, focus on your third eye chakra.

Envision an eye behind your eyes toward the back of your head. This is your third eye. As you focus on your breath, also keep focus on this part of you. You may notice that this area starts to get a little glow to it. It may be fuzzy at first, but as you continue to meditate, it may brighten and you may even see something like a tunnel of light. This experience should not frighten you, as it is simply your third eye opening and getting adjusted just like your physical eyes will adjust to light once you’ve opened your eyes.  As you consistently practice meditation, you may begin to notice images or words appear, as this is your third eye vision getting better.  This is how intuitive people or psychics get knowledge and images- through the third eye chakra- and you can too!

  1. Open your eyes.

It’s time to open your eyes and enjoy the reality around you. Do you notice that things are more vibrant with colors? Do you notice that you can sense energy better? It’s a great idea to start journaling as you continue to meditate daily and continue to open and strengthen your third eye chakra. It’s a great practice and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is than you thought.

Eventually, you won’t even have to close your eyes to see with your third eye. You’ll be able to tap into such power with your eyes open as you go throughout your day. The key is to practice diligently and consistently, as anything of value does take time and effort. Enjoy the experience and get excited about further cultivating your psychic abilities.



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